Dear All!

How are you doing out there?

Being one single person it´s always hard to believe that you can make a difference.

With all the challenges that we meet, it´s easy to feel doubts or anxiety.

For my sake I think, feel and believe that creating links between people, is the most important work we can do, whatever field we belong to.

I of course believe in the power of music and poetry, in order to create links and in order to create energy and hope.

And to create a determined feeling of ….WE.

Because together we make a difference.

I wish you welcome to all my concerts (se calendar), and….

Never forget: Work for peace, love, communication and solidarity wherever you go.

All the best from Elise Einarsdotter

Elise Einarsdotter

Pianist, composer, bandleader, educator and tv program host, grown up in the Österlen region of Skåne in South-Eastern Sweden, and later moving to Stockholm. Enjoys a busy and varied musical life, leading the Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble, being responsible for Elise’s Salong at Oktoberteatern and working with a wide range of musicians and choirs, moving across borders of jazz, folk, soul and classical music. She is also a board member of Swedish copyright law organisations STIM and SKAP.

Elise begins to play the piano at the age of six and at fourteen she starts to work as an assistant organist in churches. She discovers improvisation while playing pre- and postludium music. Around this time she hears Leif “Smoke-rings” Andersson’s legendary radio programmes full of jazz, ‘sweet and swing’ and acquires two LP records that become extremely significant for her: Jan Johansson’s and George Riedel’s “Rörelser” (Movements) and Quincy Jones’ “Back at the Chicken Shack”.

Dissatisfied with the Malmö College of Music’s attitude towards improvisation, she chooses in 1973 the famed Berklee in Boston, USA. Workshops with Thelonius Monk and Charles Mingus make a long- lasting impression.
She moves to Stockholm in 1977 and plays with the group Tintomara for five years. During that time she meets bassist, musical collaborator and husband-to-be Olle Steinholtz. They build Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble in 1984.
The group’s musical policy is mainly instrumental until singer Lena Willemark makes her entry. Since then she has collaborated with many of Sweden’s other leading female vocal artists, such as Rigmor Gustafsson, Anna Christofferson and Margareta Bengtson.

Elises urge for constant changes has made the collaboration with musicians from a grand diversity of musical traditions the key throughout her career. She has composed regularly for choirs and classical instrumental ensembles, and she has also written theatre music. This love to travel through ever-changing musical landscapes shines with constant presence in her sound.


Sju sånger (1999)

Music and arr. by Elise Einarsdotter

Lyrics by Karin Boye, Stig Dagerman, Lars Forssell, Jack Kerouac, Anaïs Nin, Pablo Neruda

1. Du ska tacka

2. Önskan

3. Den första snön

4. Aria

5. Där slagrutan sänker sig

6. Mad To Live

7. Du

Rosenäng (1997)

Music by Elise Einarsdotter

Arr. by Elise Einarsdotter and Voice Boys

Lyrics by Susanne Cederberg, Stig Dagerman, Lennart Hellsing, Margareta Melin, August Strindberg

1. Välkommen åter snälla sol

2. Sommarsång

3. Kom vår sol

4. En broder mer

5. All min längtan

6. Prins Adam och jungfrun

7. Näktergalen


"Hymne á l'amour"

(TMcCD029, 2008)

Elise Einarsdotter, Olle Steinholtz

1. Hymne á l'amour

2. Mea culpa

3. Hommage á Edith

4. C'est l'amour

5. Cri de coeur

6. La vie en rose

7. Les feuilles mortes

8. Rien de rien

9. Sous le ciel de Paris

10. Pour tous ses amants

11. Mon Dieu

12. Si tu partais

13. Non, je ne regrette rien

"Snövind och Sommarbris"

(MMAB 001, 2007)

Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble, Stockholmskvartetten.

1. Circular Saw

2. I Tallinn

3. Del 1

4. Juli

5. Sju åttondelar

6. Snövind

7. Från Elise

8. Psalm

9. Sommarbris

10. Gånglåt

11. Flyglåt

12. Circular Saw (short version)

13. Outro


(dBCD104, 2006)

Maria Vokalensemble, Ragnar Bohlin, Elise Einarsdotter, Rigmor Gustafsson, Lena Willemark, Olle Steinholtz

1. My Heart

2. Himlen sa det väl nog

3. Först var dina ögon

4. Lovad vare vreden

5. Invigningssång

6. Vi hinner inte

7. Skimmer

8. Har det sjungits tillräckligt om kärleken?

9. Du har ett liv

10. Dröm

11. Önskan

12. Stop All The Clocks

"Summer Night"

(TMCCD013, 2001)

Elise Einarsdotter, Olle Steinholtz, Lena Willemark

1. Summer Night

2. Waking Love

3. I Know A Lovely Rose

4. In The Air

5. If Only I Had Known I Was Dreaming

6. In And Out

7. Blame It On My Youth

8. It Never Entered My Mind

9. I Remember Clifford

10. Malariazz

11. On Earth

12. Tones For Joan's Bones

13. Someday My Prince Will Come

14. Solar

15. Skylark

16. To My Friend


(ÖKCD, 2000)

Örjanskören, Rigmor Gustafsson, Elise Einarsdotter, Olle Steinholtz

1. Den första snön

2. Aria

3. Där slagrutan sänker sig

4. Kom vår sol

5. Sommarsång

6. Prins Adam och jungfrun

7. Välkommen åter snälla sol

8. Mad to Live

9. En broder mer

10. Du skall tacka

11. Önskan

12. All min längtan

13. Du

14. Näktergalen

"Green Walk, Slow Talk"

(CAP21523, 1998)

Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble

1. Green Walk

2. Awash

3. I Live in Music

4. Malariazz

5. Wedding Song

6. Reflection I

7. November Song

8. Three Hearts

9. Slow Talk

10. Reflection II

11. Reflection III

12. Bhargawa

13. Reflection IV

14. Hommage

15. Epilouge

"Sketches of Roses"

(TMCCD008, 1998)

Elise Einarsdotter, Olle Steinholtz

1. Vanja

2. Time Remembered

3. Nardis

4. Come Bright Sunshine

5. Bass Haze

6. Impulse 1

7. Impulse 2

8. Falling Grace

9. Else-Britt's Blues

10. Sketches Of Roses

11. You Must Believe In Spring

12. Israel

13. In Your Own Sweet Way

14. Sacred Hearts

15. Song Of Ra

16. You Understand

17. The Little Girl With The Shells

18. I Fall In Love Too Easily


(CAP21527, 1996)

Elise Einarsdotter m.fl.

1. Gräshoppan

2. Välkommen åter snälla sol

3. Sommarsång

4. Rosenäng

5. All min längtan

6. Katt i regn

7. Sjuk katt

8. Kom vår sol

9. Bara i frihet

10. En broder mer

11. Näktergalen

12. Bagar Bengtsson

13. Prins Adam och jungfrun

14. Oh, Great Spirit

15. Sov mitt lilla yllegarn


(CAP21442, 1993)

Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble (EEE)

1. Ljus, dagg, grönska

2. Pjöller

3. Vallåtar (efter Nostmo Halvar)

4. Lonely Woman

5. Sphinx Acre

6. And If Sleep Doesn't Come

7. Periferiaz

8. Lat souli skania - Faut Martis polska

9. Bäste drängens visa

10. Domus Vonus

11. Kraftens källa

"Secrets of Living"

CAP21377, 1989

Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble (EEE)

1. My Heart

2. Poem

3. Alexandrinen

4. Önskan

5. Polska från Älvdalen

6. Kärlekssvit

7. It Never Entered My Mind

8. Du Ska Tacka

9. Journey To

10. Polska efter Sjungar Lars Larsson

"Sacred Hearts"

VFLP, 1984

Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble (EEE)

Sida 1

1. Mistral

2. Sacred Hearts

3. Confidence

4. Ale

Sida 2

1. Hymn For You

2. Once Upon A Time

3. Porträtt

4. Peacedreampiece


AMLP838, 1979


Sida 1

1. Minnen

2. Bråttom

3. Lek

4. Vägskäl

Sida 2

1. Sensommar

2. Cuernavaca

3. Ny sång

4. Våta löv om hösten

Lörd 29 juli

Ribbingsberg, Simrishamn

"Cornelis i våra hjärtan" Elise, Olle S, Anita Strandell

Fred 11 aug kl 19.00

Storkyrkan, Stockholm

Elise, Magnus Lindgren, Kören fr Ekerö körvecka u Kerstin Baldwin Sterner

Lörd 12 aug kl 18.00

Mälarökyrkan, Ekerö

Elise, Magnus Lindgren och Kören fr Ekerö körvecka u Kerstin Baldwin Sterner

Tisd 29 aug kl 18.30

Blidösundsbåten, Stockholm

Anna Christoffersson, Elise o Olle S


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